Rokinon Prime Lens Kit

Includes all 6 of our Rokinon prime Canon EF mount CineDS lenses.
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The Videohouse’s Prime Lens Package consists of six CineDS Canon EF mount lenses by Rokinon.  Each lens shares common focus and iris gear ring position which allows you to quickly make lens changes when using a follow focus.  These lenses are also tested to be color matched, this provides you with seamless color and contrast throughout your production.  This lens package is ideal so that you can specialize each shot sequence using the appropriate lens. Using these lenses will provide you with control as well as creative flexibility on your next shoot. 

12mm T3.1 Full Frame Fisheye Lens

This fisheye lens provides a unique distorted perspective ideal for sweeping landscape or even interior architectural shots. The 180º diagonal ultra-wide angle will allow you to create inventive shots. The T3.1 maximum aperture is effective in low light situations and enables some shallow depth of field control. 

The 12mm T3.1 lens is optimized for digital cinematography and provides manual aperture for smooth and silent adjustment and unified focus and aperture gears for use with follow focus accessories. Also, focus, aperture, and depth of field markings are on the side of the lens to aid those who typically operate on the side of the camera.

The optical design of the lens has 12 elements arranged in 8 groups including three made of low dispersion ED glass and two aspherical lens elements to limit coma and chromatic abnormality. Highly effective nano crystal anti-reflection (NCS) coating applied together with UMC coatings improve light transmission and reduce ghosting. Its internal focus system does not extend the front elements during focus and minimizes the effects of lens breathing.

14mm T3.1 Full Frame Ultra Wide Angle Lens

This wide angle lens is a staple for any lens set. Its versatility allows you to shoot broadly and extensively as well as in controlled and smaller ways for compact scenes. It features the industry standard for the focus and aperture ring, which has been de-clicked for smooth iris pulls.

This lens is compatible with full-frame sensors and can also be used on APS-C-sized sensors, where the 35mm-equivalent focal length will be 22.4mm.  Its optical construction contains three high refractive index elements, two extra-low dispersion elements, one hybrid aspherical element, and one aspherical element that reduce5 chromatic aberrations to produce sharper images.

24mm T1.5 Full Frame Wide Angle Lens

This 24mm lens supplies 84.1° coverage when used with full frame cameras. Hybrid aspherical lenses such as this create vivid and crisp images with minimum distortion or chromatic aberrations. It has a minimum focus distance of just under 10” from the lens which allows you to get up and close to your subject.  It also contains a removable petal shaped hood that provides flare protection when shooting without a matte box, the threaded front allows for a 77mm filter ring.

35mm T1.5 Full Frame Wide Angle Lens

This lens provides you with a 63.1° angle-of-view when used with a full frame camera or a 35mm SLR.  This lens is as close in focal length to mimicking the human eye, which provides your shots with realistic vantage points.  It is also one of the most versatile lenses being applicable to landscape, close-ups, or commercial product videography.

Hybrid aspherical lenses render sharp images with very limited distortion and chromatic abnormalities, with a minimum focus distance of just under 12" from the lens. A removable petal shaped lens hood provides flare protection when shooting without a matte box, the lenses threaded front takes a 77mm filter ring.

50 mm T1.5 High Speed Full Frame Lens

The 50mm T1.5 lens has a very fast maximum aperature of T1.5 for extremely effective low light capture and shallow depth of field control. It also has an 8-blade iris for visually appealing bokeh. This lens will expertly capture the rapid-pace subjects in your shoot. 

The aperture control rings are outfitted with industry standard gearing which sets up an interface for working with traditional follow focus.  Bright aperture and distance markings are printed on the outside of the lens barrel to create easier control by a focus puller.

This lens has a minimum focus distance of 1.5’ and the full frame angle-of-view is 46.2°. It is also comprised of 9 elements in 6 groups, including one aspherical element and one hybrid aspherical element to minimize aberrations. The filter thread diameter is 77mm.  

85mm T1.5 Full Frame Cine Lens

The Rokinon 85mm T1.5 Cine Lens produces a slightly telephoto angle-of-view on full-frame sensors. It features a very fast maximum aperture of T1.5 and an 8 blade iris, for shallow depth of field with attractive bokeh.  This lens is a favorite of portrait photographers for its sharp focus capabilities.

The 85mm has a minimum focus distance of 3.6'. Internal focusing minimizes the effects of lens breathing, which insures a more consistent angle-of-view when adjusting focus. The lens is composed of 9 elements in 7 groups, including one aspherical element to reduce spherical aberrations. In addition, a multi-coated elements help improve light transmission.

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