Multicamera GoPro Hero4 Black Kit

Comes with 3 GoPros and over 40 different accessories.
  • Pricing:
  • 1 Day: $125.00
  • 1 Week: $375.00

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Rental Includes

There are 3 of each of the following, packed in separate hard shell POV cases:

  • GoPro Hero4 Black Edition Camera
  • Standard Blackout Housing Door
  • The Frame Naked Housing
  • Standard Housing & QR with L Thumbscrew
  • Touch LCD Screen BacPac
  • Battery v4 BacPac
  • MicroSD Adapter
  • 3.5mm Mic Adapter
  • Micro HDMI Cable
  • USB Mini AB to USB Type A
There are 3 compartment containers (1 in each accessory case) that possess the following:
  • 3 Curved Adhesive Female Mounts
  • 3 Flat Adhesive Female Mounts
  • J-Hook Quick Release (male)
  • 2 Quick Release Buckles 
  • Quick Release Lock Plug
  • 2 Short Pivot Arms
  • 2 Long Pivot Arms
  • 3 Short THumb Screws
  • 2 Long Thumb Screws
  • 2 BacPac Extension Arms
  • 3 Hero4 Black Wasabi Batteries
  • 1" Ball to Thumb Screw Adapter
  • Quick Release Tripod Mound
  • Tripod Mount
  • Lens Cover
  • Tripod to Thumb Screw Adapter for Ram Mount
  • BacPac Interface Plug (for the frame)
  • Tripod (male) to 1" Ram mount ball adapter
Accessory Case 1:
  • Dynex 2A AC/DC USB
  • Photive 12A AC/DC USB
  • Ram Mount 3.3" Twist Lock Suction Cup with 1" Ball
  • GoPro 2-Poistion USB Charger
  • WASABI 2-Position USB Charger
  • WASABI 3-Position USB Charger
  • GoPro Head Mount Strap
  • GoPro Flat Back Stand
  • Grounded 12" White Power Extension Cord
  • 6 64G MicroSD Cards with wallet
  • 8 USB Charging Cables
  • SD/MicroSD Card Reader
  • Bac Pac Extension
  • Wi-fi remote with charging cable and wrist strap
  • Ram Mount Medium Double Socket Arm
  • Ram Mount Double Ball Adapter
Accessory Case 2:
  • GoPro Sportsman's Mount
  • BacPac Rear Housing 
  • Rear Mount 3.3" Suction Cup with 1" Ball
  • GoPro Dog Harness
  • GoPro 3-Way
  • Ram Mount Medium Tough Clamp
  • Touch LCD BacPac Housing
  • Skeleton Rear Housing
  • Ram Mount Medium Double Socket Arm
  • Ram Mount Short Double Socket Arm
  • Ram Mount Small Tough Claw
  • GoPro Flat Back Stand
Accessory Case 3:
  • Ram Mount Articulating Arm
  • Ram Mount U-Bolt Pipe Mount
  • Ram Mount 3.3" Twist Lock Suction Cup with 1" Ball 
  • GoPro Flat Back Stand 
  • Ram Mount Yoke Clamp
  • GoPro Gooseneck
  • GoPro Chest Harness
  • Ram Mount Long Double Socket Arm
  • Handle Bar Mount with Thumb Screw
  • 3 Roll Bar Mounts with Thumb Screws
  • GoPro Floaty Back Door
  • Ram Mount Medium Double Socket Arm
  • Ram Moung Short Double Socket Arm


The GoPro Hero4 Black Multicamera Kit gives you the ability to capture the magic of large-scale cinema productions at a fraction of the cost. There are 3 GoPro Hero4 Black cameras and 3 cases filled with over 40 different accessories! You can shoot your subject at different angles while enjoying a faster production time. This kit is ideal for independent music videos, movie shoots, student productions and adventure sports shoots.

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