Frequently Asked Questions

Go through and add the items you need for your shoot to the cart and input on the calendar your production dates. The day before your production start day is the day you can pick up your rental, or anytime during your selected rental period. The day after your production dates is your drop off/return day. Dates that are blocked out are unavailable except for weekends. Weekends are simply not available through our rental website for pick ups or drop offs. After filling out the billing details and submitting the order you will receive a rental reservation confirmation e-mail from us.

Yes of course, but this cannot be done in one submitted order over our website. Each order denotes a specific rental period. To rent different pieces of equipment for varying time periods you must submit multiple carts or orders to us.

Currently, we do not accept payment online. We will be adding these features at a later date. When you submit your order to us you are submitting a reservation request. Payment can be made with cash, credit card, and check upon pickup.

The Videohouse prides itself in renting the finest quality equipment. We vigorously check and maintain all our equipment so it is ready to be used for your rental. We use this equipment for our own productions so we would not rent you something we could not use ourselves.

Our heavy equipment is packed in sturdy and durable cases. Lighter equipment is usually put in a smaller case or boxed for rental.

At present, we do not offer shipping options. However you can pick up at our convenient location in Pittsburgh, PA.

Our store is open M-F 9-5 pm.

All pick ups are done at The Videohouse’s store location at 975 Greentree Road Pittsburgh, PA 15220. Unless you are renting an item that requires an operator in which case the equipment and operator can meet you at your desired location.

Our pickup window is from 2 – 5 pm the day before your rental period begins. We will send you a reminder e-mail that day to pick up your rental. If you have another requested pickup time you must call us to check availability and make other accommodations.

Our drop off time is from 9 am – 12 pm during the last selected day of your rental period. If you have another requested drop off time you must call us to check availability and make other accommodations.

Because our store is closed during these times, pickup and drop off times are not available over the weekend, or on holidays through our website reservation system. However, you can contact us through e-mail or phone to schedule a time for weekend pickups and drop offs.

No, if the dates are not blocked out on the calendar they are available.

If you are going to be late in returning your rental please call us immediately so that we can determine the best course of action. We may elect to extend your rental and you will be required to pay for the additional time.

We do not recommend renting equipment that you are unsure how to operate. However, if you need a piece of gear and have never used it before, we recommend hiring one of our crew members to work with you on your production.

If you have used professional camera equipment before, but are unsure how to use a certain needed camera, we recommend that during your pickup time you spend time at our store asking questions and analyzing the equipment before you check it out. We have attached as many manuals under the product info for each piece of equipment as we can find as a resource for you.

Please call or e-mail us and briefly describe your experience with the equipment.

You can read our agreement here.

You will be held liable to pay for all costs of replacing broken equipment. We consider damage to be anything that effects the functionality of the equipment or the outside condition.

We reserve the right to copy your driver’s license and credit card for our records.

412.921.7577 – This number can also be reached after hours.

It varies based on the piece of equipment you are looking for. It is listed under the product information for each item. We have worked hard to create valuable kits to get you more customization and efficiency for your production.

We may still have what you are looking for! So, don’t hesitate to contact us via phone or e-mail to learn more about what other equipment and accessories we have. There are customizable options available - all you need to do is ask.

Did we miss something? Please contact us and we will be happy to answer your questions.