Arri Light Kit

5 Lights included in kit.
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  • 1 Day: $150.00
  • 1 Week: $450.00

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Rental Includes

  • 1 1,000w Open Face Light
  • 1 650w Plus Fresnel Light
  • 1 300w Plus Fresnel Light
  • 2 150w Fresnel Lights
  • 1 Chimera
  • 5 Light Stands
  • 5 Barn Doors
  • Various Scrims and Filters


This traditional tungsten Arri Light Kit was put together at The Videohouse to serve high-quality broadcast and cinema productions. The five lights included give you many options for spotlighting, highlighting, and providing a soft flow of light for your subjects in all your shots.

Brochure for 1000w Arri Light
Brochure for 150w, 300w, 650w Lights

1000 Watt Open-Face

The Arrilite 1000 watt open-faced light is a focusing tungsten floodlight that is excellent to use for ENG, and in-the-field production use.  The reflector is specially designed to give a balance between functionality and controllability and it gives an incredibly even field of illumination.  A double-skin, thermoplastic housing with an aluminum inner-shell gives outstanding hot-handling capacity and it also limits the weight.

650 Watt Plus

The Arri 650 watt light is a tungsten fresnel that has smooth focusing and a bright, even beam. Its compact design will aid you on a wide-range of shoots. If you have various locations and shot lists to set up this light can adapt to your needs.  It has been equipped for 120 volt AC operation.  The beam angle in the flood position is 52° and a narrow 14.5° in the spot position.  

300 Watt Plus

The Arri 300 watt is a tungsten fresnel that has a bright enough beam for studio-use, but is lightweight enough for location shooting.  It has a spot-to-flood range of 15° to 49°.  You can focus hard light on your subject or after turning the knob you can cast a soft field of light.  The 300w Plus Fresnel will accept 120-240 VAC lamps such as the FSL or FKW that are 0-100% adjustable with an external dimmer. The yoke has an integrated 5/8” receiver for mounting on stands or accessories with a f/8” stud or spigot.

150 Watt (2 Included)

The Arri 150 watt tungsten Fresnel light is your ideal compact light source to bring depth and extra variation to your shots.  It is a great light for product shooting or to better highlight your talent.  It has a 2” (50mm) fresnel lens and superior optical performance.  It is equipped for 120VAC operation. 

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